After suffering from senile diseases for a long time, 83 years old facilitated actor Saleh Ahmed died at about 2.30 pm on 24th of April. His maternal cousin, actor Ahsanul Haque Minu has confirmed about the awful news.

On Wednesday, at Apollo Hospital, he took his last breath. Earlier before his death, he was taken to the CCU of the hospital for the unmanageable condition of his health.

His brother in law, Awal Choudhury informed that he was taken to the hopital because of his miserable health condition. Most of the internal organs of his body didn’t work properly. Besides, he was suffering from various age related diseases for which he had to go through a regular checkup in this hospital for about 5 years. In 2011, he was attacked by a major stock after which he became sick. In this January, Prime Minister, Sheikh Hasina donated 25 lakh taka for his better treatment.

Actor Saleh Ahmed was very popular for his roles in a lot of works by Humayun Ahmed. Besides, he acted regularly in different television programmes in BTV.


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