Khandaker Mursalin

Health is the most important thing in our life until we die. Are we taking proper care of our precious body as it should be? We generally get conscious after we inflict or get stuck with some critical condition or diseases. One of the most common problems is ‘Diabetes’ which we achieve just for our careless lifestyle and lack of diet plan.

Maintaining a good diet plan can save us from many unusual and common health problems. The way is very easy, maintaining a balance in daily intake of macronutrients. They are basically carbohydrates, protein, fats, and fiber. According to FDA if we follow standard 2000 calorie daily intake, we will have to consume 300gm of carbohydrates out of which 25gm must be fiber, at least 50gm of protein, 60+-gm of good fats and other important vitamins. Most of us forget to meet the requirement of protein and fat intake when they are the critical ones for a healthy and fit body. Healthy fat intake is critical for keeping optimal health, that is a vast topic on its own.

We generally take carbohydrates more than we should and mostly they come from bad sources, such as sugar and refined grains. This is needed to be changed and emphasis should be put on consuming at least the daily requirement of protein and fats (healthy- such as Omega 3, Omega 9, etc.).

If we can meet the daily intake of macros in the proper way we will be free from many health problems and unwanted diseases. It will also elevate the mood and improve our psychological state.


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