Mursalin Khandaker

Yes, you have heard it right, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, the flagship and latest of the franchise are on sale on Steam for the PC platform. It is about 50% price cut and it is very rare to be found in this phase of time.

So we suggest any gamer to get the offer and grab the game as soon as possible. It is retailing at around 30$ that is less than half of its regular price. The offer may valid till 3rd or 4th of September. So hurry and join the awesome single-player RPG world and know the culture of the Greek world from the 1st person view as you play along with different missions and meet historically important figures. It is very fascinating that players can interact with them, they who we read about in history books and novels and to be interacting with them is something amazing. I will give you a spoiler – Socrates, yes you will be able to meet him in the game world.

It is needless to say about its awesome graphics. It is the flagship game of Ubisoft so no compromise was in that field. You will have to make sure that you have a modern or capable CPU bearing at least 4 cores if you are still in the dual-core section than you will be disappointed. A medium to high-quality GPU is also mandatory. We will suggest a minimum Geforce GTX 960 or similar if you are on AMD side than something of the group of RX570 tier. Of course, better components are always in the safe zone and gets unreal graphics experience.

You can play as the legendary characters Alexios or Kassandra, it’s your choice, they are siblings but the story-line will be different for each choice you made and whichever character you choose. Don’t miss this awesome offer before it’s too late, enjoy what is given in these technology evolving years of 2018 and 2019.


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