Mursalin Khandaker

Sleep is one of the basic needs of every human being. One must sleep every night to operate him or her self in optimum condition. No matter how important it is for our existence, we are not giving proper attention to this factor.

How much sleep time we need? Yes, we must sleep at least 6-9 hours according to age and lifestyle. Our bodies growth and recovery process happen in our sleep. So the important is very critical.

Our bodies metabolism and hormonal balance are maintained in the sleeping state and generally, that occurs in an optimum way at night time. So the sleep we need is at its best in the night time. Our body is created that way to synchronize with the sunlight cycle.

Insufficient sleep can cause many health problems, both at a physical and psychological level. Many long term problems, such as hair-fall, hormonal imbalance, low recovery, early aging, insomnia, abnormal skin pigmentation, inflammation, and many other physiological impairments.

It is best to keep our daily intake of macro and micro nutrition checked. Proper hydration of our body also plays a big role to maintain our sleep order. We highly suggest to sleep at night time at least for 7-9 hours daily and restrict the use of a digital screen or smartphone at least an hour before sleep schedule. We should remember the nursery rhyme even we have long released from the nursery towards the land of confusion-

‘Early to bed
Early to rise
Makes a man
and Wise’.


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