Mursalin Khandaker

Walton Bangladesh brings out their mid-range solid-state drive in the mainstream market.
Our test bench tested the Antique 480gb version. The sequential read speed was 510mbps and write speed was around 480-470mbps. That is pretty good for a TLC drive. The company boasts about it’s 3D NAND technologies. The drive has trim and smart functions with a good amount of host memory buffer cache.

It was not known from which vendor the dram cache is sourced. As the test result shows, we are sure that it has some dram cache which is more than able to maintain transferring speed.
It does not show any lag while gaming and online updates in daily use. Windows load speed is quite good. The drive comes with 3 years of warranty. This is yet to see how much wear and tear can bear the drive-in long usage. It is a great leap for the country. Walton also launched its Desktop ram in the market. That will be discussed in another article.


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