Mursalin Khandaker

Yes, we are proudly informing you about the release of Nvidia GTX 1660ti in Bangladesh. It is available to the importers and some retailers. Good news is the price range is tolerable now, a Zotac GTX 1660ti can be found around 28000BDT and many others are available.

The budget gamers can update their rig in the best way. Another great news is – you can find Nvidia RTX 2060 around 33000BDT in Dhaka, offered by Colorful brand. That is a great deal whereas other brands are asking around 36-40k BDT for the same range of cards. Our sources and reviewers claimed Colorful’s cards are no less than the reputed brands and in most cases, they are similar to any other custom PCB cards.

We suggest not to buy overpriced custom cards with fancy cooling cards, they don’t provide any value and the performance is similar to the lower range reference cards. Buying fancy custom RTX 2060 at around 40000-45000BDT is a total waste and at that price, you can find good enough RTX 2070 in the market.


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