Abhishek Bosu

A girl has been rut/hlessly rap/ed and sla/ughtered in Uttardihi , a village under Phultala upazila in Khulna district on 26 January at around 8:30 pm.

The dece/ased has been identified as Muslima, 24, a jute mill worker in Uttardihi. According to the statement of Rab-6 of Khulna division, Muslima , the ill fated girl, was a worker of Ayan Jute Mills Industry of Uttardihi developed a romantic sentiment with Riaz, son of Sukur Ali of Uttardihi and also a worker of Ayan Mill, for the last couple of years. Muslima was residing with her elder sister in Phultala Bazar area in a rent house.

On the night of 26 January Muslima received a phone call from her lover Riaz who was calling her to go to Uttardihi promising her to marry. At that time Muslima’s sister called her to have meal together, but Muslima left home telling her to return within an hour.

When Muslima reached Uttardihi Riaz along with his cohort Sohel, 24, son of Abdul Karim of the same village took Muslima to a nearby hut that is situated in a tranquil palce. There Riaz and Sohel ravished the girl forcefully tieing a napkin around her throat that she could not shout . After raping , in fear of exposition of the matter, Riaz and Sohel stra/ngled Muslima to dea/th . Both the perpetrators tried to hang the dead body on a nearby tree, but failed. Later they slaug/htered the body and separ/ated the he/ad from the body and buried it under a sandy floor of a nearby on built house; the main undressed bo/dy was buried in a nearby swampy paddy field.

It is mentionable here that before being mu/rdered, realizing the ensuing dan/ger, Muslima messaged her sister about the unexpected matter by her phone. Rab also revealed that while Muslima was being dragged away by the cul/prits , a little boy noticed the incident and exposed everything to Rab afterwards.

During initial interrogation, the culprits retorted that they kill/ed Muslima as she developed love affair with many boys before , not only with Riaz. But Rab-6 found out about Riaz that he was a widower and got married with three girls before and also had a child.

Rab also revealed that these culprits demolished many girls lives before by raping and they were totally characterless. Rab is trying to find out if anyone elses are involved in this barbaric incident.

The horrific incident crated one sort of silence as well as rage among the locals. Locals demand exemplary punishment of the criminals. “I want my younger sister back. Without her how I can live, Allah! ” lamented Muslima’s elder sister. Rab_6 assured people of right justice about this heinous crime.


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