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Dedicating his own life Salman Farshi, a young man, 30, has shown an unique instance of humanity. Salman saved three children’s lives while they were playing on a railway track. The heart rendering incident happened at Monosapara village under Kundapukur Union in Nilfamari last Wednesday.

As per a TV news bulletin, Salman Farshi was an altruistic and compassionate young man who used to go forward always in people’s danger. Around three years ago Salman was employed in FDC situated in Dhaka where he played role in different meagre characters in various film. Then getting back to his home from Dhaka Salman used to do part time jobs in several institutions including local contracting ones.

On the ill fated day, Salman was guarding a bridge construction site on behalf of a contracting institution. Three children aged 7 year, 5 year and 2 year, whose parents were Rejwan Ali, a rickshaw puller of Nilfamari sadar, mother Majida Begum, a local mill labour, were playing on the nearby railway track. Due to dense fog in the morning distant places were almost invisible. Abruptly Salman noticed a speedy train was coming, but the three children could not follow that. That time a trolley carrying bricks was passing by making a loud sound due to which train’ s sound was not heard clearly. To see this Salman rushed to the spot to save the three children despite knowing the risk of his own life. Before jumping off the railway track carrying a child in his lap the cruel train hit Salman along with the three children smashing them on the spot.

Losing the only breadwinner of the family, Salman’s wife Sumi Akter, four and half year old daughter Mittaul Jannat and mother Chinu Bewa became helpless.

“Salman Farshi sacrificed his own life for saving that three children. He has also his own wife and children . I can’t control my tears whenever I think about the unexpected incident. I can’t understand how I can pay tribute to this great soul,” lamented local MP Asaduzzaman Nur while condoling Salman’s family and relatives.

In our society where self interest has been dominant in every sphere, there the demise of a young man like Salman Farshi is entirely unwanted. If the guardians and neighbors become careful and conscious enough to their children, this kind of unexpected incident can be prevented. We heartily pay tribute to the benevolent sacrifice of Salman Farshi; it is the duty and responsibility of not only the state but the rationals of the society to stand by Salman’s family, added the MP.


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