Abhishek Bosu

With a weak physique, Dhola Bibi (80) moves one place to another relying on her only staff, seeks alms moving from door to door. She gets rice, money and sometimes sari in charity from others. For some eras this old woman has been leading her life completely alone by mendicancy; it is a wonder she donates a large portion of her income for human welfare!

This altruistic, large hearted woman Dhola Bibi resides in Borni, a village under Sridharpur union of Abhaynagar Upazila in Jashore district. Concious people of society, applauding the benevolent jobs of Dhola Bibi, say, this type of humanitarian task from the part of a beggar is rare and a great lesson for our society. Dhola Bibi’s donation might be meagre in amount, but the price of her regular charity and cooperation is immeasurable.

It is Dhola Bibi who fingers to the eye of society that merely ability is not enough to do good to the society, there should be the senses of responsibility as well as benevolence mentality. Indeed, Dhola Bibi is a sparkling instance for the society.

By visiting the home of Dhola Bibi, it is observed that with an empty stomach, Dhola Bibi is preparing to go out for begging. Her only hut is made of abandoned tin and bamboo; a bedstead, kantha, pillow ; some old aluminium made jug, mug, earthen pitcher, earthen oven etc.

When asked about mendicancy, Dhola Bibi, a dull hearing woman, depicts, she has nobody to look after her. Forty years ago, she, being separated from her husband named Jalal Molla, came back to her father’s home; she had a son who also died ; now I am totally alone in the world. When asked about donating of the rice, money and sari that she earns by begging, she says, when I will die, nothing will go with me except my good jobs.

‘Some give money, some donate rice, sari, and some give food to have. Keeping my expenditures, whatever sustain, I donate them to orphanage, mosques and to people who are in distress like me. It seems to me that if I can do something for people, Allah will be happy’, smiles Dhola Bibi.

‘Dhola Bibi is a good person. She gives away rice, money, sari that she gets by mendicancy to helpless people, and a few days ago she gave me a sari as well.’

‘Locals call her ‘ Dhola Fufu’. The old woman comes to madrasa at times and gives some hundred taka and rice to the orphans. Her charity may be little but it makes many people wondered that she donates by begging. To see the donation of Dhola Bibi, many will extend their helping hands, I believe, ‘ says Kari Mostofa Kamal, super of Ayesha Siddiqia Madrasa & Orphanage.

Formar chairman of Borni Bichali Union Parisad, Abu Bakkar says, Dhola Bibi has been begging more than thirty years. Since the beginning of her mendicancy, she has been working for human welfare.’

‘Through begging Dhola Bibi inquires about people’s well and good; assist them as per her ability. In these last days of this old woman, government assistance is urgently needed along with the kind attention of wealthy community of society.’


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