Abhishek Bosu

Holding the reminiscences of five hundred and fofty years Pir Khan Jahan Ali (R) Mosque namely ‘ Khanjali Mosque’, situated at village Shuvorara of Abhaynagar, Jashore, still raising its head high with pride and dignity. Pious people from several regions crowd everyday here in Shuvorara to behold the ‘Khanjali Mosque ‘ built by Khan Jahan Ali (R) who was one of the preachers of Muslim religion in south eastern parts of Bangladesh.

Unique in design and formation this age old architectural sight fascinates everyone who comes to visit it. The village Shuvorara, enriched with various flora and fauna, is located 15 km away from Noapara sadar under Abhaynagar Upazila in Jashore district. And here ‘ Khanjali Mosque ‘is located, of which dome comes into view from distant places.

Locals inform, once this ancient mosque, losing its charms, broke down due to earthquake at late 19th century and scarcity of care and observation afterwards. Few years ago the archaeological department, Khulna, keeping its main structure intact, reformed the mosque at least five times at the cost of nearly thirteen lakh and half taka.

Historians opine that Hazrat Khan Jahan Ali(R), by the help of some followers, built the ‘Khanjali Mosque ‘ sometime from 1445 to 1459 BC. The mosque has merely one dome and there are 4 columns at the four corner; its hight is 25 feet. Different shapes of terracotta bricks have been used to build the mosque. Now, regular five time prayer is held here.

Locals want if the mosque is reformed and preserved more carefully, it can draw a good number of visitors every year.


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