Mursalin Khandaker

It is very common among the previously Intel non-k processors users to keep complaints on AMD processors. The very thing is they don’t seem to understand that they are Overclocking the CPU. It was an alien thing to the non-K Intel CPU users who are newcomers to the AMD family. All the processors from AMD are unlocked and can be tuned anyway the users want. But, to do that the user must have a capable cooler. Casual to the moderate users can use a beefy copper filled air-cooler. For heavy overclockers fixed water coolers with thick radiators or custom liquid cooling solutions are the requirements.

The record breakers are using liquid nitrogen to cool their system. So, you just can’t expect to run your 3.2-3.6ghz base clocked CPUs to run on 4.8-5.0ghz on all the cores. If you compare with Intel, most of the processors are locked and unlocked ones come in premium price tag. As most of the Intel users don’t even have the overclocking headroom, it is normal to run heavy load on CPU with relatively low system temperature. The reason is that those CPUs run at a fixed speed. They are good for the stock coolers.

But in AMD offerings all of their chips are unlocked and tunable with ease. If the user does not tweak the clock speed the CPU will run all day long at full load without any temperature issue. And yes all of that will be sufficiently handled by the stock cooler. But if you go for overclocking, such as tuning a Ryzen 5 2600X at 4.5Ghz on all the cores, you must use an aftermarket cooler. At least an air cooler in the price range of 1500-2500tk. Our top choice is Cooler Master Hyper 212 or similar of any brands. Liquid AIO is also welcome, but if you must choose a 240mm size cooler over single 120mm radiators. We suggest Corsair H100X on that regime.


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