Abhishek Bosu

Human chain held today in front of Paigram Kashba High School, Phutala Khulna, for justice in favor of an orphan child named Yeasir Arafat who was brutally killed on the bank of the river Bhayrab on 5th instant.

People of Khanjahanpur, the deceased’s village, joined the human chain and demanded justice for Arafat (9). They screamed that the culprits should be hanged to be death.

According to the local sources, Yeasir Arafat was adopted by Sahera Begum (50) , an inhabitant of Khanjahanpur, some years ago. Sahera was a childless woman and also a widow, but a woner of vast property. Sahera’s cousin Jahangir Alam, a managing commettee member of Paigramkashba High School, had greed on the property for a long time. But, Sahera was going to will all her property in the name of her adopted child Yeasir Arafat.

In order to remove thorne from his way, Jahangir used his own son Raj (13), a student of class eight of Paigramkashba High School, to entrap Yeasir Arafat. Raj invited Arafat to play with him on the bank of Bhayrab river on 5 May, 2019 at around 10 am. Arafat went with Raj, but did not come back. When it was afternoon, Arafat’ s mother Sahera Begum got anxious for Arafat and started to look for him with her neighbor. But they could not find him out even searching for whole night on the day.

Next day, 6 May Arafat’s dead body was found floating on the water of river Bhayrab. Perpitrators inserted a stick into Arafat’s rectum and his testicle was totally damaged. Jahangir fled from his home, but his son Raj was arrested after some days.

Arafat’s mother Sahera lamented: “My son is dead now. I won’t get him back now. But I want justice, I want the criminals to be hanged to be dead”. “I complained to Phutala Thana at first, but, they did not pay heed to my accusation. Then, I rushed to Khulna Koteali Thana and they helped me at last.” she added.


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