Mursalin Khandaker

The conditions of weather in this May is very high and we suspect similar or increased till the end of June. In this period we are having the month of holy Ramadan. Muslims are staying in a fast state in the day time and this year the day time is longer and hotter. It is unbearable at some point. Most of the people in Bangladesh are unaware and reluctant to their daily diet. In the iftar time, we are not eating the right things that are needed for our body. We need to hydrate as much as we can for the whole night time.

Do we need to take electrolytes and keep our self hydrated? Yes, that is must, and if we do not do so we are not going to stay healthy and the Siam will be stressful. In this month of Ramadan, we highly suggest all drink as much as possible. Our desk of nutrition experts suggests all drink coconut water, lemon juice, watermelon and eat all the seasonal fruits. If thurst is higher, one can drink saline solution or glucose for quick hydration.

Many healthy and nutritional supplement are also available in Bangladesh now. But we suggest all to consume as much as possible from the natural sources. Sugary drinks should be consumed carefully, if possible the ready juice packs should be avoided. Caffeinated drinks are not suggested but little amount of coffee will not cause any problem. Suggest amount of water should be at least 2.5- 3 liters daily per person. The daily macros content, such as protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats should be checked.


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