A Chinese governmental organization declared to offer 6000 dollar to each Rohingya if they return to their country, Myanmar from Bangladesh. But still, they refused to go back until they have their citizenship of the country with their Rohingya identity.

China’s special envoy for Asian Affairs, Sun Gouxiang has already met 29 Rohingyas at Kutupalong refugee camp in Cox’s Bazar on March 3 to talk about this matter. Syed Ullah, secretary-general of the Arakan Rohingya Society for Peace and Human Rights (ARSPH) informed that the Rohingya said him they were asked if they will go back to their country if they were given 6000 dollars. And they rejected the proposal and said in no way they will return until they are not given citizenship with Rohingya identity along with other demands are not met.

Syed Ullah also said that the Chinese organization stated that the refugees would “never accept any repatriation without international security, full citizenship with Rohingya identity and justice.”

Also, a Bangladeshi official who attended the meeting confirmed that the Chinese delegation had offered up to USD $6,000 to help the refugees rebuild their homes in Rakhine state.

He also said that it would be totally impossible for them to build their own homes. Because most of them have lost the men in their households as a result of the military crackdown that the United States and the United Nations have dubbed as ethnic cleansing. Also, Myanmar has denied the allegations.


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