We all know about Nvidia and their phenomenal innovations on computing as well as pc graphics. Surely there are some competition from AMD and close to none from Intel and Qualcomm. Yes, we must mark the entry of 10 series for pc graphics Nvidia released in 2016.

They proved that they are the boss in gaming hardware innovations, many were spectical at release but they stood strong. Even today the rival companies are struggling to match up with it’s 10 series flagship GTX1080ti and they already released there GeForce RTX 20 series in September 2018 leaving little or none as rival till today.

AMD is continuing their game changing effort in CPU industry with Ryzen 2.0 coming at hand in and must appreciate there budget concerned RX series that we all love. But in high-end Vega couldn’t get much impact. We hope the newly released Radeon VII might pose some competition after some driver updates.

It seems pc gaming will be continued to be dominated by Nvidia as they have so much in hand, Ray Tracing, DLSS (deep-learning super sampling) are some of the new features of their 20 series Turing architecture. Gamers will surely grab more of RTX 2060 and today’s king RTX 2080ti over AMD’s Radeon VII or the upcoming counterparts.


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