Top Gun: Maverick, the sequel of Top Gun is expectedly releasing on June 26 in 2020. Now what? What is coming after that? The fans will eagerly be waiting for the next because surprisingly even after 38 years of his career, Tom Cruise is as wanted as he was before and his tracking performance has always been catching attentions.

The wait is over. Tom Cruise has just announced ‘the confirmation of Ethan Hunt’s next adventure’ coming after the last one of the series Mission Impossible: Fallout. He has tweeted that two more Mission: Impossible movies are going to be released in summer 2021 and summer 2022. After the announcement has been made, Mission: Impossible Fallout writer and director Chris McQuarrie also confirmed his involvement, tweeting “Missions: Accepted”.

Cruise told Total Film, “I have a lot of ideas about the next phase, about the next two or three, of where I want to go. I’m not ready to discuss it now, but you’ll be able to see when you see this movie. It’s very much the epic in all of this series.”


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